The purpose of this website is to help you look after your health better by using simple technology. This can give you more information, and save you, your doctor or nurse a lot of time. The internet can make it easier to contact your GP surgery, or give you information so that you may not need to see a doctor.

But you may not be very confident in using a computer, computer tablet, phone, or the internet, and so part of this website will try to help you through different stages in using digital technology.

On this page are a few areas you can click on, if they look interesting to you. (That may mean using a left hand mouse button, or possibly touching the screen, if you are using a phone, computer tablet or laptop with an interactive screen). Also on the right hand side of the screen are some ‘feeds’ from people using Twitter and other sources to share news and ideas. These will change quite frequently, so when you come to this page in the future the information will be different.

Along the top of the page are different ‘buttons’ which you can click to see what is in different sections of the website. This is the ‘HOME’ page. The next is ‘NEWS’, which will have information about events, topical tips, and anything else which might interest you. After this comes ‘RESOURCES’, which has more choices in it. You can look at ‘Learn My Way’ which is a link to a programme to help people use a computer or tablet, ‘Facebook’, ‘Florence’ (or Flo), ‘Skype’, ‘Social media’ or ‘Manage Your health Online’. The resources section is mainly about how to register for these options.

The next button along the top is ‘TECH for health’, and describes how health conditions can be helped by technology, while ‘TECH in use’ looks at the different technology we use, and how this may be applied to different medical situations. Finally there is a Blog, which is where different people write their ideas.

Just click on any of the buttons which interest you. If you find the information isn’t what you wanted, use the ‘back’ arrow to return to where you were.

Website disclaimer

All the documents, ideas and suggestions included in this website are intended to help you understand more about digital health care in health and social care settings. The content is not a substitute for advice from a doctor or other health professional, nor is it intended to diagnose any medical condition. Whilst every effort has been made to include accurate and up to date information, it is recognised that links to websites, knowledge and understanding are constantly evolving and being updated, and are outside our control.

Inclusion of named agencies, websites, companies, products, services or publications in this website do not constitute a recommendation or endorsement.