TECH in use



A simple hand-held gadget which can tell if your heart rhythm is normal or if you have uneven heartbeats (Atrial Fibrillation)


Animations can be a brilliant way of conveying key messages about healthcare to people, in a clear and easy to understand way


Apps are a great way to engage patients in their healthcare, by informing them of quality and relevant information to them in an engaging and creative way – especially if they have been approved by the NHS!

Autographer camera

The Autographer camera has been adopted for use with patients who have early dementia. Hanging from a lanyard around the neck of the patient, the camera takes pictures when stimulated by sound or movement


Using Facebook for serious health purposes is an extremely effective way of letting you know the latest health messages from your GP surgery, or to find support from other people with a similar condition to yours. So just have a look at some of the following examples of how Facebook is being used, and you may be surprised that it isn’t just for family photos

Flo Telehealth

Flo (Florence Simple Telehealth) is a text messaging system which can help you understand your condition. From reminders to take medication, use an inhaler, or attend appointments to sending in blood pressure readings, or measurements of pain level or depth of depression, Flo can help you manage your health better

Patient Online

Sometimes also called ‘GP Online’, this programme helps you use online services at your GP surgery. Once enrolled, you can make appointments, renew prescriptions, or see test results and some other parts of your medical records. It enables you to understand more about your care, and reduces the need to phone the surgery

Video consultation

This is simply a better way of having a consultation with a doctor or nurse than by phone, as you can see each other as well. Usually this will involve a programme such as Skype, FaceTime, or What’s App

Wearable technology

There is plenty of wearable digital technology available for people to use to their advantage in creating and maintaining good health