Video consultation

Most people prefer a face to face consultation, but Skype can offer several advantages. If you are at home, or in a nursing or care home, and need to be visited by the doctor or nurse, this may involve 30-40 minutes travelling time, during which they are just driving, and not seeing patients. With a Skype appointment, the doctor or nurse can spend more time concentrating on your medical problems, and be able to see more patients as well. From the surgery, it is easier for them to see all your medical records, so they will know what has happened to you in the past.

If you are ill, taking you by car to the surgery may not be a very sensible thing to do either: staying warm in your own home could be better for you. Being able to see and speak to your doctor by Skype is a real advantage, as you have medical help quickly, while remaining in the most suitable environment for your speedy recovery.

In the videos below, you can see a nurse having a follow-up consultation with a patient about her diabetes, and an example of how a consultation between a nurse in a GP surgery and a nursing home can work.