Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is often the result of long-standing conditions such as high blood pressure, so medication to reduce blood pressure and lifestyle changes can lessen your chances of having it. However, some people are just more likely to develop kidney disease, and apart from following as healthy a lifestyle as possible, it may eventually be necessary to use a dialysis machine to clean your blood in a similar way to how the kidneys function. If possible, once you are at this stage of the disease, the most satisfactory treatment may be to have a kidney transplant. The government passed a bill in 2018 to help increase the number of available organs for transplant operations. Unfortunately, the supply of kidneys falls short of the need for them.

There is a lot of information on the NHS:home website and Kidney Care UK.

In the video below is an animation of how Flo works. It can help with various lifestyle changes, such as weight reduction, smoking cessation, alcohol reduction, and increased exercise.

Apps such as Active 10 walking tracker, Evergreen Life, Sugar Smart, Easy Meals, Drinks tracker, Be Food Smart, Couch to 5K, etc can also help, by being downloaded to a smartphone.

The ManageYour Health app also deals with high blood pressure (hypertension)

Sometimes it may be that you could have follow-up appointments with your GP by using Skype. This can be more convenient for you if you do not need detailed examination by your nurse or doctor. Your blood pressure readings may already be sent to the surgery by text message, and the doctor will have a lot of information about you. Skype allows a doctor or nurse to see you, unlike with a phone call, and this helps them to understand how you are progressing.

Closed Facebook groups can be really helpful if you are trying to lose weight, as only people in a similar situation would be invited to join. As with weight-watching classes in local meeting rooms, Facebook groups provide a lot of support from other people in the group – but you don’t need to leave your house to attend.

TECS for Chronic Kidney Disease

14:14 20.02.2018

The main approach from a TECS point of view is to inform the patient about conditions which may lead to CKD, so NHS:Home gives an overview of the situation, and how lifestyle changes could help to prevent CKD, while Kidney Care UK offers specific advice for people diagnosed with CKD.…

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