If you are feeling depressed, it often helps to see a health professional. You can be treated with medication or ‘talking therapies’. Both have been shown to be effective. So where does technology fit in? The ‘talking therapies’ generally focus on helping you see things slightly differently, so you are better able to cope with, and overcome, your condition. Technology can provide you with access to written material or virtual support groups which can reinforce the approach of professional health workers, and help you to be more self-sufficient. Sometimes you may find it difficult to keep appointments, so even text reminders can make a difference to you attending for treatment.

There are a number of websites and apps to help people cope with depression. Check out the ‘Apps for coping with depression’ section, and websites such as Living Life To The Full and MIND.

Sometimes local health professionals may set up Closed Facebook groups to give patients who are depressed the opportunity to support and be supported by others in a similar situation.

Flo can give daily CBT-based messages to help you start to view situations differently. This is set up by a local health professional, and may include some questions about how you are feeling.

Skype is starting to be used between nurses or doctors and patients in their home. This can help people who become very anxious about leaving their home. It is better than a phone call, as you and the nurse or doctor can see each other. We don’t have a video of using Skype for mental health problems, but below is a video of a nurse reviewing a patient’s diabetes medication, so that you can see how it works