Websites and apps to help people with Pre-Dementia

Maintaining a good blood supply to the brain is central to the medical treatment, so lifestyle changes supported by Flo are useful, addressing weight reduction, smoking cessation, alcohol reduction, and increased exercise. Reminders can be set up in Flo to tell patients when their medication is due to be taken, and the messages can be altered to help them in aspects of daily life, such as ‘It’s time to have your tea’ or ‘It’s Wednesday – don’t forget to put the recycling bins out for collection.’

This is how Flo works:

Flo animated whiteboard 

Setting a patient up on Flo 

Individualising Flo 

Websites such as,, and NHS : Home can help both patients and their families.

Apps such as My TherAppy be useful ; ‘Game Show’ helped a number of people with mild cognitive impairment to improve their memory as well as increased their enjoyment of playing a game. Many small projects are using virtual reality glasses for people with dementia who would otherwise be unable to experience situations because of their physical frailty.

Carers are often poorly supported as they struggle to cope with the changes in a relative, due to their dementia. Closed Facebook groups would be a useful forum for many carers to share concerns, receive support, and to complain to others about their situation, and receive reassurance.